The Best Rat Trap Ever | (Step-By-Step Setup Guide & Video)

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

If you're trying to get rid of some pesky rodents then you've come to the right place! The Dunk The Rat - Rat Trap is the worlds best rodent trap (in our opinion) and for good reason! This trap catches Rats, Mice, and even Squirrels with ease! Not only does it automatically reset itself after every catch, it can also be set up as a live or a kill trap!

Check Out This Video To See The Trap In Action & For A Step-By-Step Setup Guide:

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  • Peanut Butter is the best bait for rats but you can get creative and add some other foods like sunflower seeds or chicken feed. The peanut butter will help hold the seeds in place after the trap is activated and reset.

  • A typical mouse trap is not big enough to catch rats. The Dunk The Rat - Rat Trap was specifically designed to catch large rats! It can catch mice and squirrels as well!

  • Rats are shy so a break in period of 3-4 days is essential to allow the rats to get use to the new trap and to feeding on the plank. After 4 days you can raise the adjustment screws which will increase the distance between the magnets and allow the trap to start dunking them in!

  • Place this traps in any high-activity areas where you're seeing rats. These areas may include chicken coops, garages, outdoor kitchens, and all areas where droppings are evident.

  • If you decide to leave it as a live trap you will need a trash can that's at least 45 gallons or else they'll be able to jump right out!

  • Avoid handling dead rodents with bare hands to prevent contact with parasites or diseased animals, wear gloves!

  • Thoroughly wash your hands after touching the trap or a rodent!

  • Position the trap to maximize the chances of rats to come in contact with the new trap during their natural routines. You can leave small dabs of peanut butter on the ramp as a "breadcrumb trail" to lead them directly to your trap. But this usually isn't necessary since rats have an incredibly strong sense of smell.

  • Avoid using anything that will make the trap smell strange like hand sanitizers or lotions before baiting your trap. If the rats smell these they may avoid the trap all together!

  • Keep all traps away from children and pets!

  • Rats are smart, so catching them isn't always easy, but with this trap and the right setup, you can wipe out any rodent problem in no time!

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